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When COVID-19 reared its ugly head, it had a devastating impact on the entertainment and events sector. No more so than with Bruce and Lucy Schofields high end marquee business, as they witnessed all their bookings for Good Intents weddings and parties practically evaporate overnight.

But rather than sitting on their hands, and with a young family and dedicated employees to support, they used their time to innovate ways to generate new revenue streams for their business - pivoting their skills and experience towards opportunities that this very catastrophe had shone a light on.  So, along with using their fleet of vehicles to meet increasing demand for courier services, their knowledge of carrying out work outdoors, and the needs of the local rural community lead them to a new idea.

And its all to do with simple soap and water.  Understood to be one of the best solutions for the eradication of germs like Coronavirus, along with the removal of dirt and organic matter that sanitiser products cant accomplish.

An so their outdoor hands-free handwashing solution Go-Cleaner was born.  Ideal for sorts of environments where total hand cleanliness is of paramount importance, to improve the safety of both employees and customers alike.  Designed in a simple and rugged fashion, easy to install and operate, Go-Cleaner is the affordable and sensible option for growers, activity centres, construction sites and other similar environments.  In fact, with the threat of bad PR from poor hygiene practices, or having to fork out a small fortune for an alternative solution, you simply cant afford to clean your hands with anything else. 


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